Party Wall Etc Act 1996

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 places obligations on owners who want to carry out work to a party wall or excavate close to neighbouring properties.

With 25 years experience dealing with party wall matters, we regularly act for those wishing to carry out the work, the owners of neighbouring properties or as Agreed Surveyor to ensure prompt conclusion of party wall negotiations and the publication of a Party Wall Award.

We also act as Third Surveyor to resolve disputes between appointed surveyors. David Turner has been elected a Fellow of Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and is a member of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, an organisation whose purpose is promoting excellence in party wall practice.

We regularly provide advice to lawyers in situations where the legislation has not been followed.

If you are contemplating carrying out work to your property or you are concerned that the owner of a neighbouring property is preparing to carry out work to a neighbouring property and you are unsure whether the party wall legislation applies, we would be happy to discuss matters with you on an informal basis to provide some initial guidance.