Contract Administration

We have a great deal of experience administering building contracts for a wide range of work but predominately for the extension, alteration and refurbishment of residential houses and blocks of flats.

We guide clients through all of the stages involved, from inception to completion, including making the initial inspection of the property, advising on the extent of work needed, preparing a Specification and where necessary, detailed drawings, assisting with the selection of contractors, analysing tenders and inspecting work on a weekly basis through to completion. We would also prepare valuations for interim payments to be made to the contractor and agree a final account with the contractor upon completion of the work.

The service includes providing advice with regard to the selection of other consultants, when appropriate.

We are also able to offer a partial service to suit clients particular requirements by perhaps simply preparing the Specification for the work, in instances where a client want to monitor the work in progress where the work is of a fairly straight forward nature.