Expert Witness

It is a sad fact that sometimes disputes arise between building owners and contractors or between neighbours, resulting in litigation.

We are frequently called upon to provide expert evidence, usually in respect of the quality of workmanship either for the building owner or the contractor. Frequently, we are appointed as the Agreed Expert.

Our reports are prepared in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and when necessary, we attend Court to give evidence.

We frequently receive instructions through solicitors and have represented a variety of clients, providing advice from fairly low value work of a maintenance nature to providing advice in respect of a dispute relating to the extension and refurbishment of a hospital.

Our reports are produces on an impartial basis with the purpose of assisting the Court.

David Turner is a RICS Accredited Expert Witness and has successfully completed Expert Witness Training equivalent to BTEC level 7 (Masters Level). David Turner is a member of the Academy of Experts.